Home Renovation Loan

Don’t have money to renovate?

No problem! We have a solution!

‣ Do you own a home?

‣ Is your mortgage less than 80% of your home value?

‣ Do you have an unfinished basement?

‣ Do you have a finished basement that is not legal?

‣ Did you get a notice from the city that you can’t rent?

‣ Are you scared that the city will fine you?

‣ Do you need money to renovate?

‣ Do you want to pay off your mortgage faster?

We will get you the loan!

Look at the two scenarios below, in Scenario 2 your cash flow increases and so does your house value. All this with a lower net mortgage payment that before.

‣ We can match the maturity dates of your mortgage and home renovation loan.

‣ We can re-finance at maturity and make one mortgage.

‣ We can re-finance after renovation and make one mortgage.

‣ We have professional construction contractors.

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Home Renovation Loan