Month: April 2019

Scrapping mortgage rules would boost Canadian home prices: TD

The Canadian government should consider being flexible on its new mortgage lending rules because the impact has been longer-lasting and more significant than originally intended, Toronto-Dominion Bank says. Home sales were about 40,000 lower between the final quarter of 2017 and the same period a year later than they otherwise would have been without the rules, according to a note to clients Tuesday by TD economists Rishi Sondhi, Ksenia Bushmeneva and Derek Burleton. That translates into abou

Majority of Canadians Say It’s Better to Own than Rent

  Despite stratospheric prices in the country’s largest housing markets, a majority of Canadians still see the value in owning a home compared to renting. That’s one of the findings in RBC’s annual Home Ownership poll, which revealed 66% of Canadians believe it makes more sense to buy vs. rent. Despite prices falling over the past year, homes are still significantly more expensive in many markets compared to several years ago. The issue of affordability means that buying a ho

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